Hi, Hello, Bonjour, Hallo, Ciao, Hola ...

Sarah here, architecture enthusiast, coffee consumer and lover of all things design. If you haven't guessed already i'm on my 5th coffee.

I have been interested in drawing since a very young age, back then it was alot of mermaids and princesses with long flowing gowns! up until very recently I was a pretty much a traditionalist when it came to art/design even believing  that anything digital was "cheating".

Oh, how wrong I was! I am now the proud owner of a digital drawing pad and have come to love the flexibility and freedom which comes with digital art.

Each year I try and teach myself a new creative skill, so far I know a little french (very little), how to knit, crochet, the basics of WordPress and am currently teaching myself adobe suite. 

As well as drawing I enjoy reading and photography of which I mostly take pictures of beautiful buildings/ homes.

If your interested in anything you see you can find most things on my etsy shop,  if  its not on there drop me a message and I will see what i can do :).