Renting…whose idea was that anyway?

But look at those windows she said…

After spending six months renting a tiny, L-shaped converted mill studio, we had come to the conclusion renting was just not for us. The money could be better used elsewhere. We had chosen the studio for its large, light windows and contemporary feel. Little did we realise, in summer those windows would be our demise. With no air con, it was like we were living in a conservatory. Most mornings we dashed out before the sun could rise.Renting, Sun Illustration

As much as we both did not want to drag ourselves back to our parents after our newly found freedom, it was necessary to start the big save. Lucky they greeted us with open arms, maybe that’s why we stayed so long…

Two 1/2 years (Woah, how time fly’s) of scrimping every penny and we finally had enough for the deposit.

Oh my, was I glad!

Sarah x

  All Illustrations by Sarah Louise (myself ) using my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
* All the products/services I have mentioned are not sponsored.

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