House Hunting episode one and so it begins…

House Hunting

When we first starting looking for a house, everyone wanted to give us their advice, which area was best, how it all works. Although it is good to hear other people’s opinions/horror stories it gets overwhelming and is sometimes not helpful. I certainly became very anxious and there was plenty of sleepless nights!

One thing I didn’t account for was how long it actually takes to find something you like, I mean really really like, your list of requirements becomes larger with each house you view and you start to wonder if you are being unreasonable.

Now you have to understand that there will be compromises. By all means have your tick list of requirements. Make sure you do your research of the area, visit at different times of the day, ask about the neighbours and view the property more than once. I know, I know I am giving advice…

The Chain

Anyways, after a couple of months, we thought we had found the perfect property. We even took our parents to view, how naive we were… Our offer was rejected on the terms that we were first time buyers and that we would want to move quickly. We were devastated, this was when we found out about the dreaded “chain”. House, Chain Illustration Now if you haven’t come across this yet, as first time buyers who do not have a property to sell, you will not be in a chain. If you chose a property that is still occupied you will have to wait for the current owner to find a property they would like to buy. They may want to buy a property that is still occupied and so on and so forth causing a ” chain” effect. This can be a very long process.

Wasted Days

We carried on looking for many more months, our week days were filled with copious amounts of searching on zoopla, rightmove, primelocation, then viewing the ones that had made the cut at the weekend. By the end of it, I started to question my sanity. Dean became my enemy as his requirements seemed impossible. Actually, I was making things difficult ,luckily Dean has plenty of patience and managed to smooth things over when I became a prickly crazy women.House,Crazy Lady Illustration

This brings us to the current moment and so, we have now found our perfect property. Our offer has been accepted and we are going through mortgage proceedings. This is apparently is where things get exciting. I do keep having waves of excitement, although I am still very anxious and I don’t think I have slept properly since the offer was accepted.

I hope I haven’t scared you too much, once we have the keys I am hoping to write about the mortgage process, if it ever comes to an end…

-Hopefully helpful do’ s and don’t-

To Do

-Make a list of requirements in order of necessity
-View plenty of different styles of house
-Do your research on the area
-Visit the area different times of the day
Speak to the neighbours
-Check property sites regularly (every day)
-Ask the estate agent about age of property, electrics, boiler why the previous owner is selling.


-Judge the property on the pictures
-Use just one property site
-View the property only once

Happy house hunting!

Sarah x

*  All Illustrations by Sarah Louise (myself ) using my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
* All the products/services I have mentioned are not sponsored.